Monday, September 22, 2014

Music Tailored for Your Venue

Hurricane Annie and the Attaboys
Full Band, Trio, Duo...

Music tailored for your venue... from restaurant fine dining to a high energy boisterous bar ready to revel and dance!
Available for: Solo, duo or full band (Annie and the Attaboys)

"The band reached a sonic climax and suddenly stopped... leaving Hurricane Annie belting out a powerful single vocal tone - unwavering, mesmerizing the audience into total silence and then thunderous applause".
                                     David Laks - D-Squared Blues Band


  1. Wow dear! It seems to be really amazing and nice. Is that venue included in the list of wedding and event venues Seattle? Maximum of people used to book this venue for such events from here only.

  2. Well done! I like it. Have fun expanding your musical horizons; it's always a journey worth taking.

    Best wishes,
    Seat 9D

  3. Thanks for the great conversation and guitar book recommendation. I bought it the next day off amazon. Looking forward to digging in!
    Be well...