Performances with....

Special Concerts and Appearances 
with Friends

Pete Seeger - Green and Growing
Art and Music Exhibition
in Celebration of the 
Mill Street Loft
Friends of the Art Award.

Special Guest Kellie Rucker joins
 the Attaboys for 2 special engagements. 

Vince Leggiere on Bass

Benefit Concerts... 

Greg Douglas, Vito Petrocitto Jr., 
Vincent Leggiere, K J Denhert
Special Fundraiser - Millbrook R&B

The Greg Douglas Band
Featuring Karl Allweier

Liz Randolph
Arlington Street Fair
Poughkeepsie, NY

Singing with Friends 
at Paula's Wine Cottage

Mark Wally!!!

The One and Only Gus Mancini
Mentor and Dear Friend
Sultan of Soul

David Laks - D Squared Band

Geri Loughery and Ann at the Wild Hive

Artists' Collective of Hyde Park with Dan, Liz and Kevin.

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